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Welcome to my cozy little tropical Ashram, Healing Retreat, and New Earth Accommodations known as 'Sol de La Costa'. I AM RaSOL, though most people know me here as 'Alexander Del Sol' (my old pseudonym for books and blogging). I am a Natural Mystic (aka Yogi) and Conduit for Healing Energies (Reiki+ Master Practitioner), One now completely dedicated to Service to All. This property was formerly run as vacation and long-term rentals, but I have now converted it to serve a Greater Purpose.

With the Sol De La Costa A-Team here in the verdant dreamland of southern Pacific Costa Rica, you will be provided with physical and energetic resources that can facilitate your Soul Journey. You can effectively raise your Vibration and Base Frequency dramatically, while catalyzing significant breakthroughs in Deep Healing and Self-Empowerment.

We were born to THRIVE my friends! As your Host, Guide, and fellow Ascending Soul, I look forward to helping you manifest both deep healing and radically increasing Abundance as we frolic playfully and joyfully into our magnificent New Earth future.

Pura Vida!


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RaSOL is one of those people who truly cares about your spiritual evolution. Not only does he have the tools to help you get there, but he makes you feel so comfortable along the journey. He offers amazing higher perspectives on how you can really transform your inner world. With his guidance, you're one step closer to connecting to your higher self and experiencing true nirvana bliss.

- Jackie A. Soul Explorer/World Traveler