We are an affordable retreat for spiritual travelers looking to evolve further by connecting their mind, body, and spirit in the beautiful, tropical ambiance of Costa Rica.





Who Are We?

Here at Sol De La Costa, you shall receive empowering Gifts enveloped in the wrapping of stimulating conversations and dynamic personal interactions, Gifts which will unwrap themselves spontaneously after you depart,  as future situations and experiences unlock and stimulate the application of those Gifts in your personal experience, and call forth the needed wisdom to more smoothly and abundantly facilitate positive outcomes.

The information you receive here shall empower you in ways you may not have contemplated, nor expected...but will undoubtedly welcome. Whether it be to shield you from future potential harmful choices or people, or to equip you to more boldly venture forth into potentially fantastic new dynamic experiences, the time spent living a lifestyle in a Higher Vibrational Matrix here at Sol de la Costa will pay many unseen dividends into your magnificent New Earth future, a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet full of infinitely expanding Life-enhancing choices, adventures, and creations.


What To Expect?

"Our Mission here at Sol De La Costa is to provide a true Safe Haven and uplifting Healing Sanctuary for those focused on the Spiritual Path, within which those seeking Inner Peace and Greater Awareness can dive deeper into their personal self-evolution modalities within a powerful energized healing vortex whose high vibe container welcomes and supports all sincere seekers. We joyfully facilitate your unique pathways of Self-Mastery and Self-Realization at an accelerated pace for expanding both Personal and Collective Consciousness, where you can immerse yourself in a life-enhancing experience surrounded by the resplendent tropical ambiance, nourished by the fertile soil of Authentic Community and the availability of deeply experienced Spiritual Guidance. You may also choose to take advantage of freely provided self-empowering tools owned by the Ashram and other Community members, who can help you truly blossom into a greater version of your true Soul Self. Together, in peaceful cooperation, we synergize our efforts to co-create our abundant Love-based New Earth lives and lifestyles."

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Mission Statement