The Details...

This small private Ashram & Hostel is dedicated to providing a safe, harmonious, sacred space for those seeking a deeper Connection to Higher Consciousness, Healing Vibrations, and Nature. Monkeys can be heard nearby, as can many birds singing in the ashram’s lush

garden -- and if you're lucky you may spy a blue morpho butterfly dancing through the abundant foliage. Relax in the spacious covered patio with chairs and hammocks, enjoy the tropical serenity in peace. Conveniently located near stores, restaurants, and bus stops, with an extensive garden in a peaceful family neighborhood, only around 600 yards (500m) from

'downtown' Uvita and the coastal highway, this tranquil location provides a Zen ambiance that can facilitate your personal program of Awakening, Healing, and Self-Evolution. “The Master in Zen is not a master over others, but a master of themself -- and this self-mastery is reflected in every gesture and every word. S/He is not a teacher with a doctrine to impart, but simply one who has become a living example of the highest potential that lies within each and every human being.” -- quoted from the Osho Zen Tarot App (edited to reflect a gender-neutral perspective)

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The Space

This peaceful High Vibe Tribe refuge was an old tico family home which was converted into a duplex, the owner's residence on one side and a 3-room hostel on the other, with another two-story apartment duplex completed in 2010. Due to the owner’s recent decision to place himself in greater Service to Humanity, the entire Space of the property has recently been transformed into a small ashram-style Community Healing Center, as well as a High Vibrational Container, for those on a sincere Spiritual Path of healing and Self-Realization, awakening HUmans who seek to broaden and deepen their own Connection to the Higher Dimensions and Energies, develop a relationship with their True Core Self or, for more advanced adepts, facilitate Embodiment of their Higher Self. As a Natural Mystic who has achieved Self-Mastery and Nirvana Bliss after decades of focused effort, the Yogi owner’s Life Focus is to assist others to achieve the same. The grounds boast an extensive tropical garden, and the space resonates at a relaxing high-vibe frequency, creating a spiritual-oriented retreat + escape from the rapidly collapsing Old Matrix world. The owner RaSOL is a respected spiritual adept with many international contacts in the Global Spiritual Community, including fellow authors, teachers, bloggers, counselors and guides. The general ambiance of the Healing Center could be characterized as a sort of Tropical Zen Retreat, with some remarkable New Earth art, and a Modern Visionary/Shamanic perspective. This property is ideal to host private retreats focused on healing the body and ego mind, mega-health manifestation, self-empowerment, and self-realization. It has been 'energized' over the past 15 years by ‘Jedi Master’ RaSOL to act as a portal for higher vibrational Energies, and also to hold space for those who seek deep healing, self-transformation and personal spiritual evolution. For those seeking a secure, fun base to launch their adventures from, ensconced within a laid back yet respectful energetic environment, then this is the place for you. 


We strive to maintain a sacred high resonance, respectful and friendly environment here for those who are seeking healing, self-empowerment and personal conscious evolution, so we ask that you adhere to the very simple House Rules in order to keep the Peace and maximize the in-JOY-ment of all who choose to enter this sacred healing energy vortex. Here are the Rules, details of will be provided to you upon arrival: Legal international ID must be presented by all Guests at check-in (actually a Costa Rican law as well). No commercial tobacco smoking on the property please. Noise curfew of 9pm-8am please (the lawful Costa Rican noise curfew is 10pm-7am for residential neighborhoods). Communal kitchen hours are from 6:00am to 9:00pm (minimal noise during morning curfew hours please). Please communicate with us via Telegram (or WhatsApp) during your stay. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration :-) .


     Other Things to Note

As of mid-2021, this is no longer a standard rental property. The short-term rooms advertised here are primarily for single occupancy, but couples can definitely be accommodated. Group discounts are available as well. A note about ‘bugs’.... Bugs – insects – are part of Nature, present in almost ALL ecosystems on the planet, serving to clean up after us larger animals (we tend to leave a lot of messes, lol). Therefore you should definitely expect to run into a few harmless local ‘pests’ – small spiders, small flying insects, ants, a bug-eating gecko or two, and possibly even other ‘clean-up crew’ types. Note: I DO spray with an organic pesticide which is theoretically harmless to humans and pets, and the space is cleaned with disinfectant every time guests check out, but it is literally impossible to kill ALL tiny pests here in the lowland tropical coastal areas without serious hard-core chemical sterilization. The point is, I assume you are coming here to experience Nature In The Raw, not some sterilized hotel-style concrete box space that is fumigated with poison chemicals every day or two – while paying rock-bottom super-low-budget prices. If ‘getting the lowest possible room rate with maximum nice amenities’ is your top priority – versus an authentic organic Costa Rican experience with the ready availability of an in-house yogi/guide/surf instructor -- please seek different accommodations. At the prices I’m charging, don’t expect the Taj Mahal! If you can’t handle a little personal contact with Nature, then you will probably feel more comfortable somewhere else. If you love Nature like I do, and don’t mind feeling Her Energies more intimately than you could ever hope to in a sterile hotel room, then you’ll most likely resonate strongly with this magical little ashram space.

Regarding available local tours and services…. Those of you wishing to know more about the variety of personal services offered here, or those which can be arranged through others (like boat excursions, scuba diving, etc.), please ask directly upon your arrival, as we don't usually talk about them beyond a simple introductory mention unless you show some interest.

Rates & Reservations

Guests are housed in the southern side of the duplex unit (RaSOL lives in the northern unit). The large kitchen, wash sinks, wide covered patio with furniture and several hammocks, and garden areas, are all accessible to guests, while the 1st-floor apartment is now the Therapy Space. Guests are given the choice of three private rooms, which offer either one large double bed, two single beds, or one single bed (for solo guests).


Standard rates are $22 single and $33 double. For reservations please contact Sol De La Costa directly at You should receive a response within 24 hours.

More photos of the Guest Accommodations and Space...

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