At our ashram, you have the freedom to customize what your experience will include.

Here are our nature activity options-
Waterfall Tour

Explore the Uvita Waterfall with an experienced Guide, who will show you where to practice your waterfall diving, the best spots to hang out, and less frequented spots along the river. Other less public waterfalls are available as options as well. Can be combined with other tours offered by Sol De La Costa (yoga, surf lesson, hike, etc.).


Surf Instruction
SURF PICS (5).jpg

The Kahuna of Sol De La Costa is a veteran surfer with years of experience teaching others to ride Gaia’s liquid undulations, that we call ocean waves. A beginner’s lesson starts with on-shore training, plus a safety talk. Once out in the surf, Kahuna Sol helps you ride into a brand new adventure! Lasting approximately 1-1/2 hours, the lesson includes all equipment plus a cold coconut water or other refreshment. All levels of instruction are available through advanced intermediate, also local surf tour services for fellow experts if desired.


Rainforest Hike

Two guided Rainforest Hikes are available to our guests. The first is a short walk up the road near Sol De La Costa, where patches of primary rainforest are home to monkeys and sloths and many species of birds. Another option is a trip to a private ‘finca’ nearby (large private tract of land/ranch/farm), a more isolated and pristine natural environment. Can easily be combined with a waterfall tour.


Tour Services

Multiple Tours are available here for those seeking exciting adventures and experiences during their stay at the Ashram. Both Surf Lessons and Guided Waterfall Tours are offered by your Chief Host. Other tours such as boat trips, snorkeling, scuba diving, ATV adventures, dolphin and whale watching, etc. can also be arranged by Sol Del La Costa through other trusted local tour operators.

And here are our spiritual services-
Spiritual Life Coaching
Yoga Classes
Reiki Energy Treatment

 Would you like to escape ancient dysfunctional patterns forever, and simultaneously improve your physical health and enjoyment of life? As a Holistic Self-Empowerment Life Coach, I can help you accomplish your Healing and Self-Evolution goals. And possibly more. Let me help you heal your Human Avatar, and facilitate the manifestation of your New Earth Dreams!!  $55/hr


Daily guided yoga is offered here at Sol Del La Costa by an experienced practitioner, for your enhanced relaxation and general health and healing.



Multi-Dimensional Vibrational Infusion

High-Frequency Energy Rays

Channeled Directly Into the Underlying Root Cause of Your Ailments

3 Healing Levels/Modalities:


-Enhanced Flow/Relaxation

-Deep Therapeutic Purge/Release


For more information on my professional healing services, check out my professional services page on my blog with the following link: