2021 – The End of Daze


The Debacle of 2020 was demoniacally planned

And our economy and lives all got mercilessly slammed

Lulled into a massive daze by twisted words and evil plays

Censorship canceled most truth, while our human rights saw better days

The Collective Psyche tanked bad as deranged minions shamed most into complicity

And the ‘politically correct’ virtually outlawed fun and felicity

Our elections got rigged, as many tried courageously to expose the corrupt jig

Our cries of ‘Foul!!’ went unheeded by officials, the Supreme Chiefs of their Dominion

But our Voices were heard by our Brethren in the Higher Kingdoms

Many Souls stepped Up to carry The Torch, push for Freedom, shine The Light

Sydney P and Pat B exposed much . . . and our em-Power-ment gained Might

Insiders came out as Linn Wood stood tall, raised a shout!

The Valiant Trump never wavered, refused to concede – and found a strategic way out

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And then 2021 came along....

Piercing through the dying notes of a dark, stale, lifeless Old Song

We witnessed the politics of the past DIE in turmoil and chaos – at last!!

Constitutionalists and Patriots surged forward, as the Dark Ones are taken to task

The withered Bern kitten sits in mittens, a puss in boots bemoaning cruel Fate

While anti-human, anti-Life domestic terrorists now blast each other with venomous hate

Many are secreted away on a dead-end path into historical shame

One laid down first by an ex-prez Shrub, and a traitor with No Name

Bribed B-Family P Hunters welcome their Eastern Lords via their swampy District’s open Gates

Though their trafficking flow of adrenal Faux Chi is diminished further each day

The False King sits in his Castle Rock dungeon, a Grand Theater Production for the proles

His dementia-led entourage walk blindly along in their scripted, sacred, horrific roles

Back in New Rome under de Blasted watch of Global Mafia bane

A little brick and mortar David puts a Stop order on Goliath’s rigged financial Game

And while our appetites may no longer be sated by a steady serving of certain kun-fu martial clues

The inimitable Juan O and the Charlies step up beautifully to fill the void - right on Cue

As the Old House of Cards collapses and the desperate cockroaches scatter in vain

President-Elect ‘DJ Trump’ continues working hard underground inflicting deeply felt pain

The haughty crooks had too much pride, so the rat traps were tantalizingly baited, cunningly set

The fools were propped up like dumb-ass bowling pins -- then knocked down by big-balled Vets

Let the ancient slavery systems of Admiralty Law and Financial Tyranny crumble away

As we facilitate our return to Higher/Natural Law, where Human Rights, Life & Values hold sway

Now Humanity’s True Freedom edges close enough to sense, feel, and touch!

Let’s pray that we’ve purged enough personal and collective dross to avoid gloating too much

Let’s band together in Unity as ONE Race, Species and People, strive to BE at our best!

Remembering that heart-felt compassion is a Master Key to long-term Universe success

Let’s guide our less-aware neighbors very gently to Truth - they may suffer overwhelm

We Brave Hearts take the lead, our experienced hands at the helm

As we go One and All into our NEW Challenges of Creation (from a past we will not miss)

We accept a full measure of earned Earthly Abundance…and some priceless Heavenly Bliss


-- Alexander RaSOL  

(Crafted 1 Feb 2021)


For more of my poetry and past writings, here's a link to my original blog, which includes over 120 published works spanning the epic years of this Great Shift of The Ages 2010-2015:


Locked Down In Paradise

So here we are. Late April of the Year of Clarity and Vision:  2020!  Springtime – the epoch of Renewal, Rebirth, New Life (in the Northern Hemisphere at least). ‘Locked down’ and ‘Sheltered In’, under ‘Stay-At-Home’ demands from our global governments, a nearly ubiquitous ‘order’ from fictitious entities who are supposedly tasked with protecting our freedoms and inalienable rights -- not trampling all over them. However, in the Light of what is actually transpiring outside of our safe little abodes (which will eventually be revealed to the masses in the ripeness of time, after the bulk of this ‘crisis’ is over), these extremist measures will actually save many, many human lives that otherwise would have been lost to the…‘Invisible Enemy’.  Have you noticed that the actual number of general fatalities globally has dropped significantly from the ‘norm’ for these past two months? That our beleaguered planet and her ecosystems are ‘miraculously’ recovering from our global pollution, that Nature -- fish, dolphins, deer, birds, an amazing variety of wildlife -- is returning to places that hasn’t seen it for many decades? Everything happens for a reason, my friends, and there is a method to the Multiverse’s Divine Madness lol…..


Here in Uvita de Osa, on the stunningly beautiful Pacific coast of Costa Rica, I occasionally feel a little surge of the global stress and anxiety from the Collective Consciousness creep into my own Heart-mind here and there. Personally, the Orwellian (and unconstitutional) tactics employed against the completely benign practice (and perfectly ‘safe’ from a viral standpoint, which I know as a pre-med student having graduated cum laude with a degree in Biology from a prestigious University) of my favorite sport – surfing – has bothered me a bit, stoked my fairly strong Old Self rebel-with-a-damn-good-cause 3D personality trait lol (Question Authority!!). It’s been quite an internal challenge to not become deeply outraged by the arbitrary authoritarian ‘health security measures’ we’ve been forced to endure because of the so-called Invisible Enemy. But, more than any other ‘feeling’ out of the broad spectrum of emotions that humanity is grappling with and trying to process right now, the sensation of deep appreciation resonates through my BEing more than any other. There are much, much worse places on the planet that I could be ‘locked down’ in, OH yeah! It’s hard for me to imagine what it’s like to be stuck in downtown Moscow right now, or the filthy back alleys of Beijing and Calcutta, or the gangland of South Central L.A.  New York City?  Forget it! The cumulative stress of over 8 million human beings scrapping it out competitively on a super-crowded low-lying island which has arguably experienced more deep criminality than any other big city in the Americas….  I think you get the point. My feelings of empathy and compassion for others in insanely horrific situations, an aspect of Love that I ‘learned’ and permanently assimilated relatively recently in this lifetime, has been greatly amplified over the last few months. I feel for those fellow Souls, and it makes me appreciate what I’ve created here for my Self and my family more than ever.